Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flash Forward Friday - to do list

Okay so April is more than mid-way done, where did these last 4 months of 2011 go?!  I am discouraged about the lack of progress I've made with my January resolutions/to-do list.  I think part of the problem is I think way too big.  I still have busy days with parenting, cleaning, couponing, MOPS planning, and a million little to do a lot more each day on top of that is unrealistic.  But I want to get stuff done, so here's another to-do list.

By the end of the year, I want to...


*pay off Kevin's car (6% interest) and our new mattress (0% interest).  Both of the loans would be paid off early by 2 yrs, leaving only our mortgage as debt.

*have a zero balance to CHOP.  This is less likely of a goal, as we visit quarterly and her fall visit is her "annual" where we rack up the biggest bill and usually don't pay it off until tax return time.  But we have new insurance this year so I hope to be pleasantly surprised by how much less we'll owe.

*continue saving hundreds of dollars off of our grocery budget.  Want to focus more on our eating-out budget and pare that down.  Last night's Houlihans bill of $58 doesn't count. :)

*pay for our vacations.  We are going to Lancaster for a long weekend, Wildwood for a week, Williamsburg for a week, Vegas for 5 days, and WV for a long weekend.  Kevin won't be going to Wildwood or VA...bless his heart he'll be working for the girls and I to enjoy those things.  His parents gifted us the Wildwood week, their friends have a house - but we pay for the groceries (cheap w my couponing!) and boardwalk evenings.  We save for that with loose change, we have about $100 so far.  They also gifted us the Williamsburg trip, but we pay for gas, food, etc.  (I know, we are so fortunate to have generous parents).  WV the girls and I will be staying with my cousin so that just means gas and spending money.  Vegas we already paid for the room, plane and show tix - we need gambling, food, spending, gas and rental care money.  Lancaster we still need to pay for all of it, but we got a good deal.  I plan to pay for vacations out of our tax return money, which I put in our savings acct.

*do one thing to the house.  I think that may be some much-needed yard getting a yard.  We have dirt, sand, trees and tree stumps.  We want grass and some aesthetic trees/bushes added, a few more trees out and stumps removed.  If we are fortunate enough to pay off the mattress and car, that will free up room in our budget each month in 2012 to get....NEW FLOORING!!!  I'd add an 'amen' here but it seems irreverent.  But you get my gist.

*sell items at a garage sale and finally learn how to do Craigslist/Ebay.

*If Taylor does in fact get approved for full-day school (Marlton is 1/2 day kindergarten but her teacher is recommending she attend 1/2 day "normal" kindergarten and then second 1/2 of the day attend special ed kindergarten.) I want to find a part-time job.  Nothing crazy, just get my feet wet back in the career-world.


*Lose weight!! Come on, you knew this was #1.  I have lost about 6 lbs from my weight at New Years but ugh, I feel like such a failure.  Waiting for divine motivation to kick in.  Along these lines, and even more importantly really, I want to be fit.  Thankfully, I am "healthy" by way of my bloodwork, but if a murderer was chasing me, I'd have maybe 1 minute left of my life.

*Continue to be more patient with the girls. This is something I've been working on and thankful to say I have done better with.

*Be a nicer wife.  More loving, have more of a servant's heart.

*Read the Bible more, pray more, and do so with my girls.

All this to-do-ing is making me tired.  That's it for now.

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