Thursday, April 21, 2011

on spring break

Well it's been several days since I last wrote.  Tatie was sick and now Bailey was sick, so I just haven't sat down to think of blog posts all week.

And even now, with having the time right now while Kevin is out and I catch up on DVR'd shows, I just can't think of anything to say.  I'm pretty tired I guess.  Last night Bailey had a very high fever and long story short (long story including a 911 call, a visit from a cop, 2am run to CVS and making her noodles - which she didn't eat) I am sleep deprived.  The whole week I haven't slept well, it takes me back to my baby days.  Thankfully, my girls are great sleepers so normally, I get a good 7-8 hrs a night of uninterrupted to have a handful of 4-5 hr nights is not good for me.

But I'll tell you what is good for me.  This weather.  It's my favorite - not too hot, not too cold.  Breezy.  Sunny.  Fabulous.

Tomorrow, Friday, I am really hoping Bailey is almost to normal and we can enjoy the day.  I love taking the girls to parks and watching them play together.  I will say, this week they were really good sisters to each other.  When one is sick, the other one - usually, for at least a while - feels badly and is nicer.  They call each other "honey" and "sweetie" and give up some of their lovies or prized Barbies to borrow.  This kind of sister-love has a shelf life, but I take what I can get.

What I am watching right now is Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' and I really like it.  But I have a question - why can't some more parents or kids just make their lunches?  Kids don't have to buy the lunches right?  Now, that is a very broad kind of comment - a lot of low income families rely on meal plans at schools to give their kids lunch.  I get that, totally.  But a lot of OTHER families who pay for lunch, if the school serves crap can't they make their lunch instead?  I think it takes 3 minutes, no kidding.  I understand that my kids are still young enough they eat what I tell them (unless that's veggies, to which they say hell no - not really but you get what I mean), it's not like they have free reign yet with their own wallet in high school to make their own choices.  Bailey wants to fit in - and I understand that too - and so on Fridays, pizza day, I let her buy lunch and milk.  I figure that's a happy medium of control :)

Next up on the DVR is Mike and Molly, I love the actress in that.  She has a really good laugh.  Don't you love people who have a really good laugh?

Until tomorrow, with Sales Saturday.

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