Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thinking Thursday - furniture

The year before Kevin and I got married, my paternal grandmother passed away.  My dad had already passed away, but my family inherited items from her as we would have if he was still living, which we were thankful for.  My dad was one of 4 boys, 2 were still living - my uncle Tom and uncle John.  They let me have a lot of furniture from her house, which I still have.  Her bedroom set (which was newer, I don't remember the details of why she had a newer set but my dad had either gotten it for her or with her, so it's sentimental to me too) and her dining room set minus the table (a great '40s set, I love it) were what I chose.  I love the furniture and it's served us well.  Perhaps we would have chosen a different bedroom set - I love mismatched pieces, like an antique whitewashed dresser with a black wrought iron bed - but I appreciate what I have.

In Bailey's room, her furniture was my furniture growing up.  The bed, nightstand, dresser, bookcases, desk.  One of the bookcases my dad made, another - along with all of the furniture - he stained.  The desk actually was not only mine but his when he was a boy.  And it was my "crib" as an infant - I was tiny so they took out a drawer and put blankets and me in it.  

Taylor has new furniture, all pieces I chose (a huge green dresser accented with flowers I picked up at a thrift shop, I love it, and a cream colored wrought iron bed) except she has a bookcase my dad made too.  I keep thinking of the girls painting these bookcases and putting their handprints on them.  Ok I will do that.  

Anyway, I love having newer and older pieces in my home.  I love looking around and remembering who/what/when/where with furniture.   Do you have pieces in your home with a memory attached?

This blog post is boring, I know...perhaps it would have been less boring with pictures.  That is on my to-do list, to get a phone where I can take pics and download it immediately.  Ah the possibilities of posts!   Recipes, the kids, projects... would accomplish something else off my to-do list...selling items on Craigslist.  I still haven't learned how to do that, but I bet it'd be faster and easier with a camera phone.  Maybe a Mothers Day gift?!

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