Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tummy Tuesday - better late than never

I didn't do a chunky report on Tuesday, so I thought I'd do it today instead.  I was actually down a bit on the scale by 1.2, which was nice.  Just a ripple in the ocean, but still.  But today I weighed myself on my home scale and was up by a pound.  Grrrr....

So today I pulled it in and really watched what I ate.  I planned my day tomorrow so hoping that is good too.  I weigh in on Saturday morning.  I also wanted to exercise today but I am not feeling really well so unless this Excedrin really starts working it's magic, I may not.  I went to a new dentist today - who was fabulous - but she did a number on my mouth and my whole head is pounding.  I'm also exhausted...ok, enough complaining.

I have the feeling I will be on this rollercoaster my whole life.  Although it seems to me I haven't even started the ride yet.

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