Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whatever Wednesday - Vegas baby!

This week Kevin booked our trip to Vegas for our 10th anniversary in August and I'm so excited!  He got a GREAT deal - $876 for the BOTH of us included a stay in a king pyramid room at the Luxor on the strip for 4 nights (weeknights, much cheaper than the weekend!), plane tickets for both of us both ways, and 2 tickets to a show like Cirque Soleil.  What a deal, right?!  We still have to budget for our meals, rental car, spending money, etc but I am pleased this trip isn't going to break our bank!

I am thankful we have decided to go through with this trip - I had thought of spending our money instead on a few home improvements but I'm glad we're celebrating our 10th in style.  I think staying married for 10 years in this day and age of falling in and out of love is something to celebrate.  Our marriage has had it's bad days, but overall, we love and respect each other and are committed for life.  We need these get-aways not to stay married, but to enjoy being married.  To feel young and in love, have fun, remember why we married each other to begin with.  To spend some time together where the conversations aren't all about bills, Kev's work, my MOPS, Bailey's appointments, Taylor's therapy, who's turn it is to clean the cat vomit (it's always Kevin's turn - I figure I always have to do the kids)...and when the van needs an oil change and who's going to take it in.

When we return from said vacation, unless my pulls on the slots are lucrative, we'll be returning to same-old, same-old.  But what a blessed same-old it is.  I'll take it.  And keep it.

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