Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Whatever Wednesday - lazy and lovin' it

As I write this, I am laying on the couch in my snuggly pants, v-neck tee, blankie...ah it is bliss.  Don't hate me, or think "yup, just the pic of a SAHM's life" because it really isn't.  But I've been go-go-going too much lately and I needed this luxury of laying around, catching up on emails and my DVR'd shows.  

Currently the show is Oprah who has Shirley MacLaine on...whoa she's quacky.  Really quacky.

Here's the thing.  I think everyone needs some time alone once in awhile to lay around and watch junk tv or read a book, whatever.  Indulgence is really not indulgent if that time is used to renew your energy, is it?  If it makes you a calmer mommy, a sweeter and more serving wife, when you yourself have rested and relaxed?  If you tend to yell at your kids out of frustration/anger/impatience, or distance yourself/"flip out" at your husband out of feeling exhausted/invalidated/taken for granted... wouldn't all interested parties WANT you to take a rest if it meant you had MORE patience, MORE forgiveness, MORE grace?  

And yet...I don't think anyone wants mommies to take a break!  It IS seen as indulgent!  By and large, I think society encourages an environment of non-stop action, even for SAHMs.  

Well today I am rebelling.  Raising children - special needs, no less - is zapping my energy.  Being a wife is making me tired.  The thought of house chores renders me immobile.  MOPS planning needs to wait on the back burner.  For these few hours while Kev and the girls are gone, I am doing nothing...and I believe, it will equate into something good for my family.

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  1. I completely agree that everybody needs some down time. I enjoy mine also. Kid struggles really do wipe people out even more so in our case.Unfortunately I have not had a lot of husband back up lately for he is driving over the road again and is not home that often so the bulk of it all is on me. I am also so sick of the crappy weather which leaves my three so bored that they just tear the house up and fight all day. Please send nicer weather soon. You time is much deserved and I hope you took full advantage.