Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sales Saturday

So last week I told you how I overspent on my weekly budget - but I did get a lot for what I spent, for many upcoming occasions.  This week I wanted to spend about $25 to balance it out a bit.  I ended up spending under $20 at ShopRite - would've been $15 but I bought myself a flowering plant for the deck.  Cause I wanted to feel better about something and I thought that had more value than the lunch at ChickFilA I contemplated.  I bought 8 lbs of Land O Lakes butter - they were $1.50 a lb after sale and coupon.  I freeze it and this will last us a long time!  We only use butter in our house, not margarine.  I also bought a few necessities and other items that were free after coupons.  My produce basket is getting low...but I won't replenish it until the end of this coming week bc I'm taking the girls to my moms for a few days.  I did buy Kev bananas and he has some apples and grapes, lettuce...that'll do for him.  My budget breaker this week though was going to CVS - they had a deal I couldn't pass up and I had no ECB remaining to pay for it so it had to be OOP.  I bought 7 Finish dishwasher tabs boxes (20 in a box) for an OOP cost of $17 after coupons, and received $10 back in ECB.  So it's really like paying $1 a box, and I was down to my last box, so it was a good price.

This coming week I haven't figured out my list yet, but I do need to get milk, yogurt, lunch meats, bread and perhaps some meat.  I think I may need to spend $40 realistically, and I can get all these things from the Marlton farmers market.  I can get my milk from RA bc my $14 in UP rewards expires Saturday, and I'm hoping they sell dessert toppings there so I can buy them for the girls Tangled party they're having Saturday with make-your-own sundaes.  If not, I'm making my own toppings...for instance melting my own chocolate with some whole milk (which is what my kids still drink per docs orders), pureeing some strawberries to make strawberry sounds better to make my own anyway!  Maybe I'll use the UP rewards to get my mom the Alpha Keri bath oil she loves so much.

Anyone have any good deals they've scored recently?

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  1. Had my list all ready for Thursday and then had to go out of town for a sudden funeral. Now I need to figure out a few things for this week since we leave again in a few days. With couponing I need to start the list all over since it is all sales dependent!