Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tummy Tuesday

Last night at 10pm I decided I wanted to make 2 casseroles to share at our MOPS leadership meeting.  It was perfect because I tried 2 new recipes - an apple/raisin french toast casserole and a crustless egg quiche - and they went over great with my friends!  I love adding new recipes to my rotation!

I love cooking, baking.  I love creating dishes that other people enjoy.  It's sad to me that my kids are so picky, in part because they don't like my cooking!!  Most of it, anyway.  They'd much rather pb&j than fajitas, mac and cheese instead of lasagna.  Oh well.  I was so pleased my friends enjoyed the casseroles this morning.  Kevin likes my cooking too - and it's definitely a way I show love.

So where am I with my chunky dunky and what does cooking for other people have to do with it.  Nothing I guess.  Except that food really does have to do with love to me.  A complicated love.  Sometimes I never want to see food again, and then I apologize vehemently, and dive right back in.

Dear food,

Sometimes I hate you.  You stick to me and make my ass huge.  But yet I love you.  You make me feel better, you fill me.  And then I hate you again.

I'm breaking up with you.

No wait, I'm back.  See how committed I am?  Really, it's me!  I haven't changed...I've been here all along, I didn't mean to say good-bye...

Your tortured servant,

Sweats-wearing, bathing suit fearing,
wishes she could just GET IT TOGETHER...Brynn.

Same-old, same-old on the weight issue.  I do have to say I have been regularly exercising and it feels great.  Even when I hurt the next day, I love the feeling of it.  So at least I'm doing that.  Knowing how good exercising makes me feel, I wonder why I don't make time for it every day.  Knowing how good eating healthily makes me feel, I wonder why I don't do that every day either.  It's almost like I don't really want to change...but I really do!

Thinking about this makes my head hurt.  Off to do laundry and vacuum, which strangely, feels a lot better than talking about this.

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  1. Oh dear friend, I am going through the same struggles. I am going to the gym, doing tons of stuff with the kids, and trying soo hard to watch what I eat. I have not lost a pound. I have decided to sew my mouth shut, maybe that would help. I am sure there is some stress part that is keeping our asses big, even though your is much smaller then mine.