Monday, April 25, 2011

Mommy Monday - so what?

So today I took the girls to the Y to swim for 2 hours and it was great.  The girls had a fabulous time, no tears, fun exercise, bonding.  Going swimming is my favorite way to spend time with them because they love it, I love it, it makes us all feel good - and then tired and hungry which I like too...doesn't food taste better and the couch feel softer after a great swim?! - AND I can not leave.  What do I mean?  Well, when we are at home and I am spending intentional time with the girls, like laying on the floor with them with their Barbies, or playing a game...I almost always get distracted, or bored, after a while and leave them to their own devices.  I justify it in my head, thinking "they have each other, that's why I had 2 girls..." but really, I flake out.  But with swimming, there's no phone, no laptop, no chores, nothing.  Just my girls with their pink Speedo goggles and huge smiles, and me with my pruny fingers and proud mama-heart.  They are wonderful swimmers, they get along great, and the water acts like some kind of nutralizer for Taylor, so she acts very "normal" in the pool.  Mostly.  It's just all around a check-plus, as Kev would say.

While we were swimming and I was feeling proud, I was realizing that this is something I do well with, and for, my girls.  But then I immediately started thinking about the things I don't do well, things I really drop the ball teaching Bailey how to tie her shoes or ride a two-wheeler.  I KNOW! The girl is 7 and doesn't know how to do those things, bc I haven't taught her.  But so what?!  She will learn, and is it really that bad that she doesn't know how yet?  I spend so much time berating myself for what I DON'T do...don't a lot of mothers?  Why do we do that to ourselves?  I don't remember how old I was when I learned to ride a bike, but I know how...and I do remember my mom teaching me how she makes her infamous apple pie.

And to me that's more important...but that may just be me, I am chunky for a reason you know.

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