Monday, March 7, 2011

Mommy Monday

A mommy moment, brought to you courtesy of Bailey Caelyn and Taylor Elise.   Or the cats - Maela, Oreo or Cocoa.  I don't know who is responsible...and you'll see why in a minute.

So last week, both girls were home with me Friday.  Tatie had off anyway, but she did have a cold so I would've kept her and Bailey had a cold too.  They were laying around, tv, Leapsters, I took the opportunity to go on a cleaning binge. All was fun and games (except for the fun and games part) until I was changing the sheets on Kevin's and my bed.  I heaped the blankets on the floor, changed the sheets and then was putting the blankets back on, when I see GOBS and STREAKS of what looks like poop all over the blanket.  I smell it (that's what moms do when they're not sure if maybe it's chocolate that a little one snuck and ate hidden in a blanket) and ascertain it is in fact poop.  I call to the girls and ask them if either one had an accident in Mommy's bed.  They say no, and laugh hysterically at the thought of one of them letting loose on a bed.  Not convinced, I make them lay out exposing their heineys, to see if there is any remnant of it on their cute little cheeks.  After pinching their cute little cheeks because I can't help myself - which spurs Taylor to tell me off, stating it's her heiney and I can't have it - I am confident I need to move on to the cats.  After several minutes of searching and 3 cats looking at me like I am defiling them, I am now completely stumped.  All 3 cats and both children seem to be in the clear. 

WHO SHAT THE BED?!  I wonder whether I should call Kevin, but I decide his manhood means more to me than questioning him on whether or not he took a dump on a blanket.  Plus, he wasn't sick or anything, so I can't believe it was him.  That leaves me.  And I didn't do it.  I am 100% sure.

So I still don't know who did it, and I am still thinking about this great mystery.  I'm just thankful I found it when I did, instead of at 11pm that night, as Kevin and I pull the covers up around us.

It would've been a mood killer, for sure.


  1. So did you ever figure out what happened? Both my kids lie to me now when asked about something that might get them in trouble, so I have to check on their stories these days. Of course, cats can always justify leaving a mess like that. They are cats!