Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tummy Tuesday

I was dreading writing this post bc I have not been doing well with my diet.  No shocker there, and that's the part I hate the most...the feeling I have about myself.  I did not go to my WW meeting this past Saturday bc Tate had to go to the Dr and my mom couldn't come over...except I could've made it work, I just chose not to.  My home scale said I was about a pound up.  AGAIN with the excuses, it IS that time of the month for me, so I had that in my back pocket.  But the truth is, I haven't been trying the way I should.   Some days are better than others, I just wish I was doing better.  

I'm anxious to get weighed in this coming Saturday, but excited to go to the meeting.  I really like the leader and the group that meets...they're all very "real" and supportive of each other.   This is going to sound CRAZY, especially since I have only lost a few pounds!!  But I would love to be a WW leader someday.  I DREAM of victory, of conquering this beast that's on my back, this weight I've carried all these years.  I dream of being able to encourage others so that they can have victory too.  But this dream seems so far away...especially at this slow rate.

So that is how I am doing...I appreciate any prayers.  God knows this is a stronghold in my life, and He longs for me to have victory too.  And I believe He wants me to help others, I really do.  But how can I help them when I haven't helped myself?  And how do I help myself when I don't make the right choices?  But another part of me knows that for me to really be able to share my testimony and encourage someone with a lot of weight to lose,  it won't happen overnight.  I have to learn and face these trials, and retrain myself how to handle stress without turning to food.  The more I learn and grow, the better I'll be able to give of myself, and have someone believe that I truly understand where they're at.

Thank you for your encouragement.  I will let you know how I do at Saturday's weigh in!

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