Thursday, March 10, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

So I am changing the "No Worries Wednesday" to Whatever Wednesday.  More freedom and longevity I think.

But I am actually writing this on Thursday, as my Wednesday was really busy.

So I am going to confess I don't think I've ever made it through a whole season of Lent with giving something up.  I didn't grow up doing anything for Lent, and it's only been something that's on my heart these last few years.  But I always choose something truly sacrificial, and then can't make it because the truth is I'm addicted.  I'm not addicted really to anything in particular, but addicted to giving myself what I want when I want it.  Ugh that sounds so negative, but it's true.  And in the process I'm a bear to live with, because how long can Mama go without some coffee.  Not long.  I'm sure the kids were wishing they knew how to make it and then pour it down my throat.

So this year, I am doing something more do-able, but still sacrificial.  I am giving up eating past dinner.  What I want to pair that with - although I am not "giving this up" because I KNOW I couldn't make it - is to give up some tv time as well, so I can spend more time on things that matter.  Time with God, in prayer and reading, catching up on my albums, doing nice things for others.  Not cleaning.

I am praying I make it through the Lent season - it will be hard if we eat early, as I really hate going to bed very hungry.  I forgot to yesterday, but I'm going to explain Lent to the girls and ask if they'd like to add or take anything away.  My suggestion will be reading the Bible together every morning or evening....we do that often but not daily, and most times without Kevin who's working.  But I want it to be all of us, that would be so nice.

Many blessings on your season of Lent as we prepare for honoring the Lord's sacrifice for us.  Thinking of what he did for us certainly puts in perspective our tiny little sacrifice for Him.

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