Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sales Saturday

So if you remember, I had a - lofty - goal of only spending $100 for groceries and eating out in the month of March.  I had - I don't have the sheet in front of me but $150-200 to spend in reward dollars at SR and drug stores - so that helps a lot of course.  BUT I have realized over the last week that goal can stand for groceries, but there's no way I'll make it with eating out.  Already we've spent I think around $75 - not counting the Chinese take-out Kevin bought using coins he had from his car.

That's a true story and I loved him for it.

Anyway, we still have a few nights eating out left on the calendar so it's a dead deal.  We ARE using gift cards cashed out from reward points on our CC for 2 of the nights, but still.   I'm expecting that we're going to spend $100 on eating out ALONE - so maybe $200 for both?

SO for the groceries - I spent $11 the first week of March, and this week I spent $32 OOP, rounded up.   Next week I hope to have another $11 week instead of the $32!  I have $50 to spend at SR in next week's rewards and I don't need much else besides produce.  Chicken is $1.69/lb so I am buying some of that too.

There does seem to be a few good deals at the drug stores but I used up my reward dollars so I don't think I'll hit them up bc we don't need anything.

It's fun making financial goals but I read something this week that is SO true!!  A blogger wrote about how she and her husband spent $10 each weekday on coffee, etc and cut that out completely BUT at the end of the year they STILL had no money in savings.  They just took that money and spent it on other things!!  They could've had a few thousand dollars!  So part of my financial goal, is to actually SAVE that money.

I need to become more organized...and I'm thinking my lists on post-its and our summer-savings jar isn't what the financial gerus have in mind.

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  1. So true...I've said it once, an I'll say it's not really savings if you don't put your "savings" into your savings account.