Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top 10 things that make me laugh

Amanda - this is for you.

Top 10 things that give me a chuckle.  or a snort.  or the kind of belly laugh that makes me pee.

1.  Movies like Hangover and 40 Year Old Virgin.  I especially love to see them with Kevin and friends whose laughs I like.  You know what I mean.

2.  Speaking of Kevin, he's hilarious.  Thank God for that.  I don't know if we could have hung in there - at least happily - over the years if the man couldn't crack a joke.  He is REALLY funny!  He does stupid stuff like talk to me through our dead dog, who calls me bitch a lot.  I know it's weird but it works for us.

3.  Taylor's smokers laugh is my favorite sound in the whole world and I can't help but laugh when she does.  She has polyps on her vocal cords from her infancy/toddler years of crying (no I'm being serious - we took her to an ENT, who put a thing down her throat.  She literally screamed so much she got polyps.  He estimates they'll be gone by adolescence).  Anyway, her voice can get hoarse easily, and her laugh is deep for a 5 year old.  I LOVE it.  Deep love.

4.  Going out to dinner with my "work" girlfriends.  We worked together as social workers for 2 years and here it is, what, 9 years later and we still get together somewhat often.  They crack me up!  My one friend always has a hilarious first date story, we keep telling her to write a book.

5.  When we're on vacation with Kevin's side of the family, we call ourselves the Butt family.  Because we are loud, obnoxious..."that" family.  It could be embarrassing if it didn't crack us up.

6.  Thursday night tv - Office, 30 Rock - I LOVE Liz Lemon.  "Ugh they forgot my onion rings.  This place can eat my poo."

7.  Ree Drummond - she has that blog, Pioneer Woman...I love reading her blog, even just her recipes.  She makes everything funny.

8.  My childhood friend Kimmie, we have so many memories of making each other laugh.  We're both married with kids now, so we're boring.  But we have our memories.

9.  Speaking of friends, I have several friends that every time I see them I laugh.  Not 'cause they're funny looking, 'cause they're all babes.  But the way we talk, we just end up laughing.  I love those kind of friends.  I also love the kind of friends that make me think, cry, talk...I just love friends basically.  Love.

10. The family stories that if other people heard they'd think, so what, but between family it's hilarious.  Like when my mom yelled at us when Kevin and I took the wrong exit on the way to OBX but then the next year SHE did the same thing.  And then was so mad she wouldn't talk to us.  We couldn't stop laughing, I couldn't speak.  We love that story - and really, it's lame.  Or how about when Bailey was little, like 2, and she'd cry unconsolably every time we'd laugh.  Or anyone would laugh - like people at the next table at a restaurant.  And it just made us laugh harder, she was so cute!! Her little lip out, her huge brown eyes all watery...bless her.  We laughed at her.

So that's what gets my goat.


  1. Thank you Brynn! Taylor gave me a chuckle today. She walked into the nursery and said, "friends I am so glad to see you...guess what, I forgot my underwear today!!" I had to giggle, she is so sweet.

  2. Brynn you make me laugh, and cry and think - thank you my dear I love you!