Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

This is totally random, but it's what I feel like saying.

So there.


1.  The sound of people kissing.  If it's on tv, I have to mute - I can't stand it.

2.  Any kind of bug.

3.  Dirt, cat hair and dust.  They plague me and I'm sick of it.

4.  My kids crying for no reason.  Well, I'm sure they have some kind of reason, even if it's something like just getting their way.  Regardless, the sound annoys me.

5.  Bad drivers.  Drivers going 25 in a 45.  Old people that don't have a clue, they should be playing bridge in old-people college (what I call assisted living), not driving on our roads.  Drivers on their cell phones, not paying attention.  My husband.  WAIT - I didn't just say that, he'd kill me.  He's not a bad driver.  He just doesn't drive how I do, and I'm better....

6.  People who give my children dirty looks.  Hmm - this may make my "Top 10 Things I Hate" instead of annoy.  After over 7 years of getting some looks, I take it more in stride now, but it still annoys me.  Who do you think you are, get over yourself.

7.  The sound of gum-chewing.  (I must have an auditory processing disorder or something, I am realizing how much certain sounds annoy me.)

8.  Judgemental people.  Kind of goes with #6 but it's that annoying to me.  Perhaps I judge the judgers, oh well.

9.  Bumping into things.  I have a smaller house than I'd like, and I feel like I am always trying to squeeze past something, or try to create more space somehow.  I AM grateful for what I have but when I see people that have these big, beautiful homes with things like a WALK-IN CLOSET, or a bathroom with 2 sinks, I have house-envy!!  And that annoys me, about myself.

and for the final, annoying annoyance...

10.  When my tv shows aren't new episodes.  Parenthood - I miss you.

Posts to come:

Top 10 things I hate
Top 10 things I love
Top 10 people that inspire me

Any other ideas for a Top 10?


  1. Top 10 things that make you laugh

  2. I miss you too Parenthood, but than you for new episodes of Teen Mom 2. You better not be judging me:)
    I am annoyed by whining and then my subsequent yelling at the whiner.

  3. Amanda - great idea! Lindsey - I need to catch up on TM2, did that couple with the twins get married? They're the only ones I like :) That's me being judgemental :) And -- YES me too, so annoyed at whining and then my yelling!! Just wait until little Cecily getting older and having girl-drama!!