Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tummy Tuesday

Ok so here it is, my weekly weight update.  I had my WW meeting on Sat morning and lost .2 lbs.  Not 2 lbs, .2.  I was very discouraged, and almost cried.  But then our leader gave a great meeting and I was uplifted, which I was grateful for.  Kathy (leader) said something I loved - "Your body doesn't always get the memo that it's supposed to be at it's lowest weight of the week at weigh-in."  Because the day before my home scale had said I was down and I did good that day so I didn't get it!  I am actually looking forward to this week's weigh-in, I think I'll be happy with what I see.  My weight didn't come on overnight - it was years of half a pound here, quarter of a pound here.  So I really have to let go of a quick-fix mentality and settle in for a long ride.  But the months, the years, will come and go anyway - so why not be losing weight at the same time, even if it is little by little.  Better than nothing.

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  1. That has happened to me with WW weigh-ins too. I hate that! When my motherinlaw, cousin, and I go we eat very light beforehand and kick off our shoes. It is hilarious what we will do to show every last 10th of a pound we have lost.