Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday

What I am thankful for today:

*As I write this, it is my favorite night of tv shows.  Kevin's at a movie with a friend so we're DVRing the ones we watch together, and I'm snuggled in my blanket ready to watch my Greys and Private Practice.  Ahhhhh....

*We have an AWESOME steering team (the leadership team) for MOPS next year!!!!  I am so happy to be working with such amazing women, I just love them.  What a heart they have for other moms, that they would give of their time and energy so other moms are blessed.  MOPS is Mothers of Preschoolers and we meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at HOPE - we have maybe 50something or so moms, and we have full hot breakfast, speakers and there is childcare provided - you can't beat it!  Let me know if you want more info - you can google MOPS and find one near you! (ok advertisement over. I could go on and on - I LOVE Mops!)

*This week had its ups and downs, but tomorrow is Friday and the weekend looks fun.  Tomorrow night is Family Fun night at HOPE with "Olympic games" and pizza.  Saturday is breakfast with the Easter Bunny at Applebees with HOPE friends, and Bailey has her first softball practice and game!!!  Sunday we hope to see the new Hop movie, the girls love going to the movies!

*The girls had great report cards.  I'll tell you, report cards are different than when I was a kid - remember the S for Satisfactory?  And Taylor doesn't get checks or letters, she has a booklet, practically, of where she is measuring up with all her goals -- I haven't even gone through the whole thing yet, but from skimming it I didn't see any red flags jump out.  And of course Bailey's teacher wrote she "is a joy to have in class."

*Bailey was diagnosed with strep AGAIN on Monday, but I am happy to say she is on the mend.  I was really concerned this morning when she woke she was coughing - I asked friends and family to pray - and not ONE cough since she came home from school.  Praise God! I would be devastated if she was ill for her dress rehearsal for choir concert this weekend and her first day of softball.  And selfishly, I really enjoyed my time with her, extra snuggling, reading, movies and Wii.  She's my little girlfriend.

*The girls and I had a really fun time going to the Disney store to pick up Tangled.  Their grandparents had bought it ahead of time, which came with a $20 off coupon when you spend $40 - so I let them pick out 2 "no reason" gifts.  We had such a good time, and Bailey did really well - she usually has a terrible time with choices, takes forever, and practically hyperventilates.  But she chose a coloring set which she whispered to me, "Do I have to share this with Tatie or can I hide it?" (she doesn't have to share it) and Tatie chose a Rapunzel soft dollie.  Once we got home Taylor wanted to cut the doll's hair like in the movie and I had a very interesting hour of trying to talk her out of it and explaining the hair wouldn't grow back or change color like in the movie.

*Tatie lost her 2nd tooth tonight!  I was so proud of her for not crying, because it came out unexpectedly, while she was horsing around with Kevin.  And I was proud of myself for not crying, because my baby's getting so big :(

Have a great weekend all!

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